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About Us


The Seventh-day Adventist Church has been reaching out to their community members in need since 1879. Members formed a “Dorcas Society” in each church; specifically to assist others in need. These societies were named after the woman found in Acts 9:32, 36, 39 in the New Testament who assisted those in need. Members of the Vancouver Seventh-day Adventist Church formed a Dorcas Society in the mid-1950’s and operated out of the church basement at 1207 E Reserve St.

More than a decade later, the need in Vancouver was great enough that church members agreed to erect a building on church property solely to minister to the community. This new building was dedicated in 1968. During the 1970’s the “Dorcas Society” name was changed to “Adventist Community Services” to emphasize the nature of operating in more urban environs. The building and the volunteers served well until 1999.

When the Seventh-day Adventist Community Church of Vancouver decided in 2000 to move to a new, larger church and sell the current property it meant the community services staff would also have to move.

A “new” building was rented on St. Johns Blvd to allow services to be close to the people that needed it. With guidelines from the City of Vancouver, the group changed its name to Clark County Adventist Community Services (CCACS). For almost two decades, volunteers have adapted the facility to best assist Clark County residents in need of food, clothing and household items.

As community needs steadily rose, combined with a desire to provide more services to those in need, a search was started in 2016 to locate a larger facility. The former Red Cross facility on Fourth Plain Blvd, just blocks from the Center’s current location, became available in 2017. Through the generosity of three anonymous donors, this building was purchased. Renovations to the facility where those in need feel welcome and safe and volunteers have room to work efficiently was paid in full by another anonymous donor who matched all other funds provided.

We thank our Heavenly Father for guidance through the whole process of finding, funding the purchase and renovation of the property and developing it into a place where Clark County residents can come for help, be it for food, clothing or spiritual encouragement.

Our Mission

We exist exclusively to reach people with God’s love by nourishing the body, informing the mind and strengthening the spirit through charitable, educational and health ministries.  

Our Vision

Our VISION is to accept God’s requirements that He gave to His followers:                            

  • To act justly;
  • To love mercy;
  • To walk humbly with our God. 

(Micah 6:7,8) 

To fulfill this VISION, we adopt Jesus’ methods to: 

  • Feed the hungry;
  • Give drink to the thirsty;
  • Befriend strangers;
  • Clothe those needing clothes;
  • Treat those compassionately who are sick, needy and homeless;
  • To realize that serving people is to serve God.

(Matthew 25:35,36, 40)

Core Values

To Our Clients
When you come to us in need and looking for help, we will treat you with dignity and respect of fellow brothers and sisters. We will use every opportunity and asset to assist you in your current situation.

To Our Volunteers
Each of you feels the desire to help others. We will attempt to find any way that allows you to accomplish this commission from Jesus to help others.

To Our Donors
When you have more than you need and desire to make a gift, we will be honest stewards and use that gift to benefit as many as possible.

To Our Community
We are your fellow neighbors and will honor our commitment to being a good neighbor. We ask you to participate in our mission, ultimately making our community stronger.

Serving Clark County residents for over 50 years

Self-service food & clothing for those in need.